Sunday, 19 July 2009

Youth session coming Sunday, 26 July 2009

There will be a youth animation session on Our Lady coming Sunday, 26 July 2009, at 1000 hours.

The session will be interactive. Each young person is expected to come with 20 sentences about Our Lady... Animator: Fr Ivo.

So try to put down 20 sentences about Our Lady. And if you can't get beyond 3 or 4, you have all the options open: consult your parents, or your friends, or the Divyadaan brothers, or the sisters, or the net.... Be creative!

Let's find out how much we know about Our Lady in the Marian Month that is about to begin, and let's try to get to know more...


  1. Fm Wendy & Shane :
    Mary is our mother, friend, guardian, interceder & most importnantly the Mother of our Lord Jesus.She is always there holding us & loving us uncondiontally.When our need for her is at it's peak, she will never abandon us. Though it may not be obvious Mary will always comfort us in times of distress.
    Mary intercedes for us through Jesus.What makes Mary so spectalular is she concieved Jesus without original sin. Being the Mother of the Rosary, she has given us 15 promises if we recite it daily.Don Bosco has looked up to Mary & given her the title Mary help of Christians.We look at Mary in awe through her compassionate eyes , for all that she has done & continue to do for us, through her son Jesus Christ.

  2. Dear Wendy and Shane, lovely to have this contribution from you all the way from Canada! We feel you are still so much part of our parish. Yesterday we had the session, with a fair number of girls and boys participating. It went very well, lots of interaction. I told the youth you had written; unfortunately I could not take a printout of your contribution because the net was down. But thanks v. much, and do have a look at the report of the meeting posted just a couple of minutes ago...


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