Thursday, 23 July 2009

Rosary during the Marian Month

According to the tradition, rosary services will be held in families during the Marian Month, 16 August to 8 September.

Four statues will be going round, two in Zone A, and one each in Zones B and C. The zonal leaders will draw up a list of families that want the statue to come to their homes. The rosary service will be held five days a week, i.e. excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

Zone A spent some time discussing whether or not snacks should be offered at the end of the service. The concern was that no one should be embarrassed if they are not able to provide snacks, and that there should be no competition among us on this matter.

We also said that we should pay particular attention to the Marathi-speaking families in our sector of the parish, seeing that they are few and that in a predominantly English-speaking sector they might feel neglected.

Finally, the matter of the presence of the priest in charge. This is being discussed in each zone. Not all priests are able to come out every day during the Marian Month, and there is a danger that families might feel bad if the priest does not come to their house for whatever reason. One zone suggested that the priest not come at all during the rosary service; in that way, no one will feel bad. Another zone instead told their priest to come whenever he could; they assured him no one would feel bad. Your comments and opinions are welcome!

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