Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mr Gaikwad (Chandsi) hospitalized

Vicky Gaikwad just told me that his father has been hospitalized - probably with a heart attack. Vicky and his sister Rosy are in Don Bosco School, while another sister Maria is in Kilbil.

Please keep Mr Gaikwad in your prayers. (The family used to live earlier in Chandsi. They moved to a relative's house near Pumping Station, off Gangapur Road, a couple of years ago.)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Youth picnic to Karjat

The Don Bosco sector parish youth group went for an overnight picnic to Don Bosco Karjat. There are 10 of us, including two animators (Rickson and myself). The only disappointment was that there was no rain! Apart from that, the picnic was great: treks up the hill on the property, ghost stories, trekking up a waterfall, and great meals provided with much love by the Don Bosco community.

One of the highlights was Fr Xavier Devadas' explanation of what was happening on the campus: the MORD, the ecological iniatives, the animation centre. 

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Parish council meeting, 11 June 2011

Parish Council Meeting just concluded, and also a Zone A leaders meeting.

One of the main topics was the Sunday School: how to have a better attendance. Suggestions: (1) A complete register of children, with marking of attendance; (2) Follow up of attendance through our 3 Catholic schools, and with parents; (3) Follow up through area leaders; (4) arrangements for transport to be worked out in the Areas.

Another topic was the planning of the 20 years anniversary of the parish (1991-2011), which coincides also with the Visit of the Relics of Don Bosco (6 August) and the International Year of Youth. Tomorrow, at the 1830 mass, the anniversary will be inaugurated.

Yet another important initiative was Training of Leaders and Catechists. Bishop Edwin Colaco will give a session to both groups, 1600-1800 hrs, Sunday, 3 July 2011. Fr Michael Gonsalves will give a session to Catechists, 1600-1900 hrs, Saturday, 9 July, and to Parish Leaders, 1000-1300 hrs, Sunday, 10 July 2011.

Zone A has decided to have an outing to Swami Shilananda's Ashram, Sinnar, on 26 June 2011. Your area leaders will contact you with more details. 

Friday, 10 June 2011

Vincent Dias passes away

Mr Vincent Dias passed away at around 1800 hrs this evening, 10 June 2011. He was 73.

A few days ago Vincent suffered a heart attack and was admitted to Sai Baba Hospital near Kalidas Mandir. He was also heavily diabetic.

The funeral mass will be at 1000 hrs tomorrow, 11 June 2011, at Don Bosco Church.

I remember Vincent as a happy man. He lived alone in his third floor flat at Eden Gardens, but was content and happy. He had a group of friends who used to pass the evenings in his house playing cards. I have never heard him complain or grumble. RIP, Vincent!

Our condolences to his family.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Olive D'Souza passes away

Olive D'Souza, mother of Dominic D'Souza, mother-in-law of Lucy D'Souza, grandmother of Bosco and Keith, passed away yesterday evening (2 June). She was 84. The funeral will be held this evening, beginning with mass at Don Bosco at 1500 hrs. RIP to Olive, who was one of our oldest parishioners, and our prayers for the family.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


It is the time of transfers. Here's attempting an incomplete list of people moving out of our parish; please feel free to add to it.

DB Nashik: Bros. Ajay Shelke and Velasli Bandya.
Divyadaan: Frs Anton D'Souza, Aloysius Hemrom, Alapurackal Jose
STI: Fr Vinod Mascarenhas, Bro Dinesh Vasava
Kilbil: Srs Archana and Vincy.
Maria Vihar: Sr Sajan
Pallotti: Fr George (on transfer to Arunachal Pradesh)

A warm welcome to:

Fr Tony D'Souza, former provincial of INB (Divyadaan)
Fr Thomas Chalissery (Divyadaan)
Sr Rose Corte and Maria Carvalho (Kilbil)
Sr Supriya (SHTC)
Junior sisters (SHTC, which has become a Juniorate for this year)
SDB brothers from Gauhati province (Divyadaan)
SDB novices from INB and INP (STI)

Goa Pilgrimage

About 70 parishioners from both sectors of the parish went on a pilgrimage to Goa, 18-22 May 2011, led by Fr Nelson. They camped at Don Bosco Odxel, and visited the relics of St Francis Xavier at Bom Gesu, Old Goa, Calangute beach, Mapusa Market, and the picturesque village of Soccorro in North Goa, near Porvorim.

For photos see Facebook. 

Olive D'Souza

Mrs Olive D'Souza, mother of Dominic D'Souza, was administered the Anointing of the Sick yesterday just before lunch.

Olive has not been taking solid food for almost two weeks now, and, while able to swallow liquids, is unable to speak or move much.

Prayers for her, and for Lucy, Dominic and the family.