Sunday, 18 April 2010


First Communions and Confirmations, births, baptisms and deaths, are wonderful opportunities to get the whole family to make their confession. I learnt that from don Giacomo Tagliabue long ago in Suello. He would take me along with him to visit a bereaved family, and corner the young son: "Your father would have loved it if you were to make your confession. Why don't you?" And he would push the young man, not completely unwilling, to me: "Here is this young foreign priest. Go to him." 

Don Giacomo also taught me that priests should speak often about confession, and not only that, but provide out of the way opportunities for people to make their confessions. That is why, every Christmas, Easter and even All Souls Day, he would spend time and money getting young priests like me to come up to Suello above Milan, all the way from Rome. And the people would come: not fully 15 years ago, in a highly secularized society like that of Italy, people would come for confessions, and I have spent 5 to 6 hours a day in the confessional in those years. 

Don Giacomo showed it was possible. 

First Communion at Don Bosco

Thirteen children received First Communion at the Don Bosco sector of our parish this morning. The mass began at 0900 with Fr Nelson as President, and the church was packed, mostly with relatives of the first communicants. After the mass, the children and their parents had a little party in the council hall.

In the background are Bro Christovan and Gordon and Jyoti Noronha who prepared the children, and Sujata Castilino who saw to the mass animation.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Our sick

Alita Hill is back home, but has been ordered a month long complete bed rest, so that the fracture / dislocation can heal.

Jacklin Francis is back home too...

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

First Communion

The children preparing for First Communion are having classes every day, both in DB and in DSC. I met Gordon Noronha and his wife Jyoti, and was delighted to know that they have both volunteered to take these classes for the children at DB, including their own daughter Gladys.

The First Communion mass at DB will be at 0900 hours, Sunday, 18 April, while that at Satpur will be the following Sunday.

Prayers for our children.

PS: don't forget to ask your children: what is going to happen on the day of your first communion?

More sick parishioners

Alita Hill met with an accident yesterday when her rickshaw overturned. She has sustained a hairline fracture, and also, probably, a hip dislocation, and is in great pain, unable to move her lower body.

Thelma Rebello underwent a kneecap replacement surgery at Lilavati Hospital, Bandra, Mumbai, yesterday.

In the meantime, Mrs Sable and Mrs Jacklin Francis are both recovering quite well from their operations. They seemed cheerful when I visited them yesterday. Mrs Sable was surrounded by her 3 children as well as her sister-in-law. Jacklin had her mother with her as well as her 2 kids. She was very moved because her tuition parents have been vying with one another to keep her company at night. God bless all these good people.

Please keep all our sick parishioners in your prayers.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Sick parishioners

Cecilia Sable's mother has been operated yesterday. She is in Shatabdi Hospital at Mahamarg.

Jacklin Francis will be undergoing an operation tomorrow at Ghanorkar Hospital, Mahamarg.

Please pray for both these our parishioners. Visits will also be appreciated.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Salesian transfers

The transfer list for 2010-11 has been released by Fr Michael, Salesian Provincial.

Fr Wyman Gonsalves moves to Rome for doctoral studies in philosophy. His place will be taken by Fr Anton D'Souza, who will also be in charge of the new Automotive Workshop on the campus.

Fr Valerian Pereira moves to STI as Administrator and Prefect of Studies. His place in Divyadaan will be taken by Fr Felix Fernandes (Konkan Province). Fr Felix has just obtained a PhD in philosophy from the Salesian Pontifical University, Rome.

Fr Ashley remains in STI, but in the capacity of Vice Rector and Catechist.

Fr Edison Fernandes moves to DBYC Pune.

Fr A.U. Jose of the Kolkata province will join the Divyadaan staff as Professor.

Bros. Neville and Johnson Bhuriya move to Jhabua and Dakor respectively for their Practical Training.

That about sums up the movements on the campus, I think.

So welcome to those who are coming in, and Godspeed and thanks to those who are moving.


Fr Nelson Falcao will be leaving for Pune tonight to attend a meeting of the Marathi Bible Translation Commission, and also another meeting of the Marathi Khristi Sahitya Parishad. He will be back early Sunday morning.

Fr Diego will be leaving for his annual retreat on 10 April 2010 and should be back by 20 April 2010.

In the meantime, the house blessings have begun in the DB sector... Do try to make sure that all family members are at home for the blessing: this is a pastoral visit to the family more than simply the blessing of the physical dwelling.

Brothers and examinations

Bros Johnson Kshirsagar, Ajay Shelke and Clayton D'Mello have joined Don Bosco community for the next few weeks. They are here preparing for their TYBA examinations which commence soon.

Bros. Albert Sangma and Soren Mathias (both from Gauhati province), Austin Fernandes (from the Konkan province), Jacob Palaparambil and Leon Rodrigues are expected to join the gang in the next few days.

Our own two brothers, Neville D'Souza and Johnson Bhuriya, are also of course preparing for their examinations.

Good to have some noise and life in DB! Welcome dear brothers, and all the best for the examinations.

Thanks Beverlee

Some of the youth - Carol Nirmal, Cheryl Nirmal and Sharol James - visited Beverlee Homan De Sylva's house on Easter Sunday to thank her for her animation of the Don Bosco youth group in the last few years. They presented Beverlee with a book: Chicken Soup for the Young Couple. Beverlee will be moving soon to Bandra to join her husband there.

Thanks very much Beverlee, for all you have done for our youth.

Friday, 2 April 2010

House blessing schedule, Zone A

Monday, 5 April:
1700; Akashvani (Sujata's area)

Tuesday, 6 April:
1800: Eden Gardens (Russell's area)

Wednesday, 7 April:
1000: Annabai Rohom
1630: Almeidas
1700: Robins' area

Friday, 9 April:
1700: Letitia's area

Monday, 12 April:
1800: Henry's area

Tuesday, 13 April:
1630: Mabel's area

Fr Clive Telles in an accident

Fr Clive Telles, SDB, of the Konkan province (whom some of you will know as Bro Clive), met with a rather serious accident yesterday somewhere in coastal Karnataka. The pictures that Tino has sent around of the jeep are shocking: the tempo seems to have hit squarely the driver's side of our vehicle. Thank God Clive is reasonably safe, apart from broken ribs and a dent. Prayers for Clive.

NB: the latest news is that Clive is quite well, except for the ribs.