Monday, 9 May 2011

Capuchin provincial chapter 2011

The Capuchin Fathers and Brothers begin their provincial chapter at Capuchin Ashram, Don Bosco Marg, Nashik, tomorrow, 10 May 2011. We wish them well and assure them of our prayers. 

Fr Diego's birthday

Fr Diego celebrates his birthday on 12 May. You are all invited for the parish Eucharist at 1900 hours, 12 May, to wish and pray for him, and to join him in thanking God for the gift of life, faith and vocation. 

Vocation Camp Lonavla, May 2011

Eight youngsters left for the vocation camp at Don Bosco Lonavla this morning, accompanied by Bro Velasli and Ansilon Fernandes: Calvin, Charles, Kevin Francis, Kevin D'Souza, Shaun, Shyju, Richard and Vicky. They were accompanied to the station, where they took the 0535 Manmad-Pune Express for Lonavla.

Bro Velasli just phoned saying they had arrived safely at Lonavla station, and were in rickshaws proceeding to the school.

A valiant attempt was made to finish the various piles of idlis, chapatis, puries, chocolates and fruits (thanks to the offertory processions of yesterday).

The gang will be back on 12 May. The Pune-Manmad Express is due to arrive at 1930 hours at the station. Some arrangements will be made to bring them to Don Bosco Church. 

First Communions

Yesterday, 4 children received first communion at Satpur, another 4 and an adult at Don Bosco Church. The Don Bosco Church ceremony began at 1630, a somewhat odd timing; some parishioners were caught unawares and arrived for the usual 1830 mass, and were disappointed.

The 4 at Don Bosco were: Reetil, Mary, Vivek and Tuerry. The adult was Vikram.

Congratulations to all those involved in preparing the children: Stella Salve, Bro Velasli, the parents who did a great deal, and the parish priest.