Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Lisa David's father sick

Lisa David's father, who lives in Indore, has suffered a heart attack. He has been operated and is hopefully on the way to recovery. Please keep him in your prayers.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Rose D'Silva hospitalized

Rose D'Silva (Rocky's wife) is in Suman Hospital, College Road. Last night she began to suffer from high fever, so the doctor advised hospitalization. I just paid her a visit, and she seemed better. Do keep her in your prayers.

Monday, 26 October 2009

First prayer meeting of Zone A

I am just back from the first SCC prayer meeting of our Zone A. It was held at Mabel and Norbert's house, at 1930 hours. About 8 people turned up from St Jude's Community, and reflected on the gospel reading of the coming Sunday. Before the prayer, however, we had a brief discussion about the modalities.

An interesting suggestion was that we have this prayer meeting every week. We said we would pray over this and decide the next time. The next time being 2000 hours, Tuesday, 3 November 2009, at Rudy Lima's house.

Mission Fete / Diwali Dhamaka echoes

I am just back - actually, not just, but yesterday evening. But I was so pooped with the RAC travel, and then with the catching up (which is still in progress, really), that I managed to get to this blog only as of now.

I am hearing good things about the Mission Fete. The seniors said it was a happy affair - homely, and fun. There seem to have been about 300 people - perhaps more, but not over 500. Besides our own parishioners - including about 50 brothers from Divyadaan - there were also parishioners from Holy Cross and some even from St Patrick's, Devlali, and school children and their parents from Silver Oak, thanks to good and timely publicity by Claudine Noronha.

The food seems to have been enough, though someone said some items were pricey.

The Garage Sale went well, I am told.

The gross earnings were in the range of Rs 40,000.

I heard about the glitches, of course. Quite natural in anything of this sort. Could certainly be discussed at the evaluation at the next parish council meeting.

Congratulations to Claude Noronha, our chief coordinator, and the whole big team of volunteers from both sections of our parish, and of course to Fr Nelson too.

Update on Mr Babykutty

I went to see Mr Babykutty this evening. He is still in Gupte Hospital, near Ashok Stambh. His left side is paralyzed, and he seems quite disturbed, which is quite natural for a man who has been extremely active both on behalf of his family and of the parish substation at Satpur. He took time to recognize me, and when he did, he kept saying that he had spent all his life working for charity, and if God wanted, he wanted to go on working like that till the end of his life.

He is being discharged tomorrow, and his family will take him to St Luke's Hospital, Shrirampur, for further massage treatment.

Do keep Mr Babykutty and his family in your prayers.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Mr Francis Arackaparambil, RIP

Mr Francis Arackaparambil, father of Fr Isaac Arackaparambil, SDB (Kapadvanj), passed away the morning of 13 October. The funeral is being held at Immaculate Conception Church, Borivli, even as I write.

Fr Isaac was a novice, a student of philosophy (BPh and MPh), and then also a Practical Trainee and teacher in Divyadaan.

He told me this morning that his father had been unwell, suffering from diabetes for many years, and that of late his kidneys had begun failing; still, they did not expect to lose him so quickly. Fr Isaac was providentially with his father when he passed away.

RIP, Mr Francis, and our sincerest condolences to Fr Isaac and his family.

Mr Babykutty hospitalized

Fr Nelson just gave me the news that Mr Babykutty (Anand Colony, Satpur) has been hospitalized. I think he is in Gupte Hospital, Gangapur Road, towards Ashok Stambh. He was on his way to his MPSM work, when he felt uneasy. He returned to Nashik and got himself admitted in the hospital. Right now, when Fr Nelson visited him, his daughter Shiny was with him. They are still trying to contact Shyju. Your prayers are requested. Get well, Mr Babykutty!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Latest development: a Teens Group

The latest development is the request for a Teens Group. The request has come from the teens themselves. We are trying to see what is possible. In the meantime, here is a list of members furnished by the teens themselves. Any more teens wanting to join? Girls will be invited soon...

Linus Nirmal
Anand B2, Flat no. 12
Anand Nagar
Behind Akashwani Tower
Gangapur Road

Dannel Bothello
A13 Springfield Towers
Next to Gangapur Police Station
Savarkar Nagar
Gangapur Road
Mum: 9881779625

Rephan Castelino
21/7 Priyanka Bldg.
Narsimha Nagar
Gangapur Road, Nashi

Joseph Antony Patole
10th Dhanyog Society
Shantiniketan Colony
Gangapur Road
Nashik 422 013

Jacob Anthony Patole
10th Dhanyog Society
Shantiniketan Colony
Gangapur Road
Nashik 422 013

Rohit V. bansode
Bharat Residency, Flat 11
DK Nagar
Nirmala Convent, Gangapur Road
Nashik 422 013

Kenneth Anthony
No. 10 Suvarnadeep B
DK Nagar, Gangapur Road
Nashik 422 013

Delvin Fernandez
12 R/4 Taranagar Row Houses
Ayachit Nagar, Gangapur Road
230.0019, 94206.92458

Jerrin Verghese
1/1 Chaitanya Nagar
Gangapur Road
Nashik 422 013
253.2112, 98817.41260

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Youth meeting, Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Youth Meeting has just concluded. I had given up hope since there was no one in sight at 1000. Ross phoned from Mumbai saying he was delayed there, and could not come.

About 10 youngsters turned up, 8 boys and 2 girls. Jackson, the President, chaired the meeting for the first time, leading the prayer, getting the minutes read and passed, and working out the agenda.

The first point on the agenda was the Interparish Football and Throwball Tournament. Jackson reported the Interparish meeting of 2 October, and said the date, 1 November, had been reconfirmed. He also said the boys preferred a rolling trophy to a cash prize. Sushma said the girls would not like a rolling trophy; so it was decided to invite girls from each parish for the next Interparish meeting on 20 October. The meeting is scheduled for 1730 hours, but the girls might turn up by 1800 hours or so.

The second point was the Mission Fete. The youth are expected to man the games stalls. Almost all present committed themselves, but 8-10 youth are too few, so it was decided to call in the Satpur youth. Bro Neville D'Souza was called in for the meeting, and he agreed to ask the Satpur youth. Jackson and Craig will attend the Satpur Youth meeting at 1000 hours the coming Sunday, and explain things to them. Fr Nelson was also invited to our meeting, and was requested to invite all the Satpur parishioners to the Mission Fete. Jackson and co. will go there on Tuesday to put up the posters.

In the meantime, it was also decided to invite Mr Claude Noronha to our Meeting of the coming Sunday, to explain things to the youth, etc.