Sunday, 4 October 2009

Youth meeting, Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Youth Meeting has just concluded. I had given up hope since there was no one in sight at 1000. Ross phoned from Mumbai saying he was delayed there, and could not come.

About 10 youngsters turned up, 8 boys and 2 girls. Jackson, the President, chaired the meeting for the first time, leading the prayer, getting the minutes read and passed, and working out the agenda.

The first point on the agenda was the Interparish Football and Throwball Tournament. Jackson reported the Interparish meeting of 2 October, and said the date, 1 November, had been reconfirmed. He also said the boys preferred a rolling trophy to a cash prize. Sushma said the girls would not like a rolling trophy; so it was decided to invite girls from each parish for the next Interparish meeting on 20 October. The meeting is scheduled for 1730 hours, but the girls might turn up by 1800 hours or so.

The second point was the Mission Fete. The youth are expected to man the games stalls. Almost all present committed themselves, but 8-10 youth are too few, so it was decided to call in the Satpur youth. Bro Neville D'Souza was called in for the meeting, and he agreed to ask the Satpur youth. Jackson and Craig will attend the Satpur Youth meeting at 1000 hours the coming Sunday, and explain things to them. Fr Nelson was also invited to our meeting, and was requested to invite all the Satpur parishioners to the Mission Fete. Jackson and co. will go there on Tuesday to put up the posters.

In the meantime, it was also decided to invite Mr Claude Noronha to our Meeting of the coming Sunday, to explain things to the youth, etc.

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