Monday, 26 October 2009

Mission Fete / Diwali Dhamaka echoes

I am just back - actually, not just, but yesterday evening. But I was so pooped with the RAC travel, and then with the catching up (which is still in progress, really), that I managed to get to this blog only as of now.

I am hearing good things about the Mission Fete. The seniors said it was a happy affair - homely, and fun. There seem to have been about 300 people - perhaps more, but not over 500. Besides our own parishioners - including about 50 brothers from Divyadaan - there were also parishioners from Holy Cross and some even from St Patrick's, Devlali, and school children and their parents from Silver Oak, thanks to good and timely publicity by Claudine Noronha.

The food seems to have been enough, though someone said some items were pricey.

The Garage Sale went well, I am told.

The gross earnings were in the range of Rs 40,000.

I heard about the glitches, of course. Quite natural in anything of this sort. Could certainly be discussed at the evaluation at the next parish council meeting.

Congratulations to Claude Noronha, our chief coordinator, and the whole big team of volunteers from both sections of our parish, and of course to Fr Nelson too.

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