Sunday, 27 March 2011

Relic Pilgrimage of Don Bosco to Nashik

The Relics of Don Bosco will visit Nashik on Saturday, 6 August 2011.

The van carrying the relics is expected to arrive in Nashik from Baroda in the early hours of 6 August. There will be a welcome at the Maria Vihar end of Don Bosco Marg, and perhaps a small detour into the Divyadaan compound. The Relics will be placed in Don Bosco Church, and will be available for veneration the whole day, except during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, which should be at 1830 hours and perhaps (in Marathi) at 1200 hours.

The Visit will be preceded by spiritual and other animation, and such events will continue after the visit well up to 31 January 2012, Feast of Don Bosco. The aim is spiritual revival for members of the Salesian Family, parishioners, youth, and all people of goodwill. The mission of Don Bosco is the welfare of young people, most especially those at risk in one way or another, and this can be shared and is shared by all people of goodwill.

Bishop Lourdes Daniel has welcome the Visit and extended his wholehearted support. He sees it as one more opportunity for helping the Diocese grow in faith.

In the evening, or perhaps early morning, the Relics will move to Ahmednagar, and from there to Pune, Lonavla, and Mumbai (Borivli, Andheri and Matunga).  

Catechists felicitated

The catechists of the DB sector were felicitated with a festive lunch this afternoon at Don Bosco Parish... Sisters from SHTC, Maria Vihar and Nirmala Convent; brothers from Divyadaan, Capuchin Ashram and STI...

Thank you dear brothers and sisters for your precious service to our children. 

Youth meeting, Sunday, 27 Mar 2011

This morning's youth meeting was attended by Cheryl Nirmal, Ansilon Fernandes, Nikhil John, Ross Lewis, Sushma Shrivastwa.

The lectio divina was on the gospel of the day: the Samaritan Woman (Jn 4:4-42).

The accounts of the Interparish Lenten Recollection were presented. The Way of the Cross on 1 April will be practised on the day itself. The rest of the meeting was dedicated to preparing the animation for this evening's mass.

And the photos from the Recollection were uploaded... to FB. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Forthcoming: recollection for youth of Nashik and Igatpuri

Youth of Nashik and Igatpuri: you are all welcome to Divyadaan on Sunday, 13 March 2011, for our annual Lenten recollection. We will be having a penitential rite conducted by Fr Vinod Mascarenhas, with opportunities for your Lenten confession. After a lunch break and some fun, there will be a video, and then mass - early enough so that our friends from Igatpuri can catch the train back home.

Please give your names either to me or to Nikhil... asap.

Don Bosco Nashik on Facebook

Nelson has created a new Don Bosco Parish group on Facebook, and it is going great guns. Congrats Nelson! FB is certainly the new meeting place. 

Sunday School picnic to Pandavlene

The Sunday School children (Don Bosco sector) had a picnic to Pandavlene and Phalke Smarak a couple of weeks ago. The children, whose enthusiasm was infectious, had a ball, and the animators no less. I paid a brief visit to them with Bro Rickson and a couple of youth (Nikhil and Ansilon), and had a hard time dragging these back... Congrats to Bro Velasli and the whole gang of teachers and animators.