Monday, 15 June 2009

Catholic literature

It would be good for every family in the parish to have some Catholic literature. We suggest the following:

Don Bosco's Madonna
Write to Fr Edwin D'Souza, SDB, Don Bosco Shrine Office, Matunga, Mumbai 400 019, with an initial contribution of Rs 200/-. Or else contact Fr Ivo Coelho with your address and contribution.
SDB West (magazine of the Mumbai Province of the Salesians of Don Bosco)

Don Bosco Salesian Bulletin (national Salesian bulletin)



Sick parishioners

We pray for the following:

Sr Cristina Neelamkavil, UMI, who had to be rushed back to Holy Family Hospital, Bandra; problems with the recently inserted pacemaker.

Jonathan D'Souza, who met with a rather serious accident and is in Ghanorkar Hospital, behind Mahamarg Bus Station.

Fr Lloyd Rodrigues, SDB, our former Parish Priest, who is suffering from kidney failure; he resides at Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga, Mumbai 400 019. He would be happy to receive your calls at 99695.49729.

Forthcoming events


5 July: Birthday of Fr Vinod Mascarenhas, SDB (STI)

19 July: Birthday of Bro. Neville D'Souza, SDB (DBN)

27 July: Birthday of Bro. Leon Cruz Ratinam, SDB (Divyadaan)

30 July: Birthday of Fr Robert Pen, SDB (Divyadaan)

1 August: Birthday of Fr Savio D'Souza, SDB (Divyadaan)
1730 hours: Parish Council Meeting

9 August: Marian Academy

22 August, 1700 hours: Vocation Sharing with Youth by Religious of the Parish


15 August: Assumption of Our Lady; Confirmations, Archbishop Felix Machado

Youth Group

The Don Bosco sector Youth Group is being animated this year by:
Fr Ivo Coelho, SDB
Mr Claude Noronha
Bro. Johnson Bhuriya, SDB
Ms Beverly
I invite all youth of the sector to join the group. Please begin by sending us your names, addresses, telephone numbers, mobile numbers, e-mail ids....

Those of you with access to the net can post this data as comments to this post.

Mass timings


Don Bosco Church:
Saturday, 1900 hours
Sunday, 0700 hours
Sunday, 1830 hours
Nirmala Home: 0700 hours

Dominic Savio Church, Satpur:
Saturday, 1700 hours
Sunday, 0830 hours


Don Bosco Church: 1900 hours
Divyadaan: 0700 hours (Thursdays 0730)
STI: 0700 hours (Thursdays 0730)
Maria Vihar: 0700 hours
SHTC: 0700 hours
Nirmala Home: 0645 hours
Nirmala Convent: 0630 (Saturdays 0700)

Parish team

The parish team for the current year, 2009-10, consists of the following:
Fr Nelson Falcao, SDB, Parish Priest
Fr Diego Nunes, SDB, Assistant Parish Priest
The team is aided and assisted by a number of others:
Fr Savio D'Souza, SDB, Rector, Divyadaan
Fr Solomon Rapol, SDB, Rector and Novice Master, STI
Fr Ashley Miranda, SDB, Vice Rector, Administrator, STI; Provincial Councillor
Fr Robert Pen, SDB, Vice Rector and Principal, Divyadaan
Fr Wyman Gonsalves, SDB, Administrator, Divyadaan
Fr Vinod Mascarenhas, SDB, Prefect of Studies, STI
Fr Valerian Pereira, SDB, Prefect of Studies, Divyadaan
Fr Ivo Coelho, SDB, Rector, Don Bosco Nashik
The parish pastoral council (Don Bosco sector):
Parish Priest
Assistant Parish Priest
Zonal representatives
Heads of Religious Institutions
The parish pastoral council (Dominic Savio Satpur sector):
Parish Priest
Assistant Parish Priest
Rector, Don Bosco Nashik

A communications start in Don Bosco Parish, Nashik

Last Saturday we had the first parish pastoral council meeting at Don Bosco Parish, Nashik, under the presidentship of the new Parish Priest, Fr Nelson Falcao.

One of the decisions taken was to begin a website for the parish, and I was asked to see to it. The simplest thing, I thought, would be to begin a parish blog. So here we are. Not exactly the best format for a parish website, but a beginning nonetheless.

I invite you all, dear parishioners of Don Bosco Nashik, to visit this blog, find information, leave your comments.... And perhaps we will move eventually to a shared type of blog.

I will begin by putting up some basic information: the list of pastors and the mass timings.

More later!

Fr Ivo Coelho, SDB
Don Bosco Nashik