Sunday, 12 July 2009

A list of parish youth...

The list is far from complete, but I thought I would put it up here so as to encourage you to complete it. Feel free to send it your names, and you can always mail me your email ids and phone numbers at if you don't want to post that information here...
D'Souza Aaron
Bibin Tom
D'Souza Alan
D'Souza Jonathan
D'Souza Keith
D'Souza Philbert
David Lisa
Fernandes Ansilon
Fernandes Jackson
Goveia Jason
Goveia Royston
Goveia Ryan
Hill Alita
Hill Flavia
Hill Jerome
James Sharol
John Harald
John Nikhil
Joy Felix
Koshy Preet
Koshy Karan
Lewis Ross
Lobo Craig
Monsorate Quincy
Murdeshwar Royston
Nirmal Carol
Nirmal Cheryl
Noronha Brandyn
Noronha Jenitha
Paul Fatima
Paul Mary
Rebello Yannick
Sequeira Rufen
Thomas Annette
Thomas Tina
Not counting of course the Divyadaan youth, STI youth, SHTC youth, MV youth....

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