Sunday, 12 July 2009


Now that the quick round of visits to the Don Bosco sector has been completed, we can get down to the work of reviving the SCCs.

Fr Diego says he will be having a meeting of his zone (which is zone C, Wilson's zone) some time in the coming week.

I am assigned to Rocky's zone (zone A). Rocky has expressed the desire to 'retire' as zonal leader, so we have to find someone else. Any volunteers? My idea is to pay a visit to each of the families, and then call for a meeting.

Fr Nelson is in charge of Agnelo's zone (zone B). Agnelo also has asked that he be replaced as zonal leader, so once again we are on the lookout for leaders.

Reviving the SCCs is probably the key to many other areas of our parish life. So let's pray and hope and do our bit! Suggestions are most welcome. You can even comment on this blog....

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