Monday, 27 July 2009

Parish notices, Sunday, 26 July 2009

Today is 17th Week of the Ordinary Time of the Year. The feast days in the coming week are as follows: 28th St. Alphonsa, 29th St. Martha, 31st St. Ignatius of Loyola (feast of Jesuit Fathers) and 1st Aug. St. Alphonsus Liguori (feast of the Redemptorist Fathers).

July 27th is the birthday of Bro. Leon Cruz, the assistant at Divya Daan. July 30th is the birthday of Fr. Robert Pen – Principal of Divyadaan and on August 1st we celebrate the birthday of Fr. Savio D’Souza – Rector of Divyadaan. We ask God to bless them in their delicate ministry as formators and professors with His choicest graces. We express our gratitude to them for their pastoral services in our parish.

With the meeting of the zonal and area leaders which was held on 22nd July we have launched the BCCs. The priests and sisters in-charge of the zones are as follows: Zone A – Fr. Ivo & Maria Vihar Sisters; Zone B – Fr. Nelson & Kilbil Sisters; Zone C – Fr. Diego & Nirmala Sisters. The Fathers and Sisters will visit the homes either of the full zone or areas of the zones and meet in one of the houses for sharing on the Word of God and prayer.

The Parish Council Meeting will be held on Saturday 1st Aug. at 5.30 pm. All the heads of the various institutions and both the zonal and area leaders are expected to attend the meeting.

The new families are welcomed to register their names in the Parish office.

The Sunday Animation of the various masses should be prepared in advance and done well. We are in need of musicians for accompaniment for the Sunday evening masses.

The Brothers of Divya Daan will be staging a three-act comedy play – “Uncle’s Walking Stick” which will be staged on 14th (religious institutions) and 15th Aug. (DB parishioners) at 6.30 pm at the Divya Daan Auditorium. Entry passes will be available from next Sunday onwards.

Bible Diaries with daily readings of the whole year are available at the parish office at the rate of Rs. 50/-.

The forthcoming events are as follows: 9th August Marian Academy for which each zone and each religious institute is expected to give a marian item; the youth of our parish have taken charge of organizing the Marian Academy; 15th Aug. to 15th Sept. the Marian Month; on 17th Aug. Monday, the three statues will start moving zone-wise; 22nd August Vocation Sharing Day for the youth of our parish.

Thank you for your generous contribution towards last Sunday’s collection which amounted to Rs. 2,518-.

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  1. Thank You Fr Ivo, for all the parish news & information.


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