Saturday, 18 July 2009

Circular of Abp. Felix, # 15, 8 July 2009

Here are the main points of the Archbishop's latest circular:

1. A gist of the letter of the Pope to all priests, dt 16 June 2009.
2. Meeting of priests and religious concerning diocesan finances, 1000 hrs, 21 July 2009.
3. Rs 97,056 (Good Friday) and Rs 59,501 (Lenten Alms) were sent to the Nunciature. Rs 50,025 was sent for relief and rehabilitation of the victims of Kandhamal, to the Archd. of Bhubaneshwar.
4. Fr Peter D'Souza has been appointed interim Parish Priest of Devlali in place of Fr Wilson Rodrigues.
5. Fr Joe Pereira, Parish Priest of St Anne's Cathedral, is working to advance the cause of the proposed new cathedral. The Abp. has appointed a committee for the purpose:
Abp. Felix Machado, Chairman
Fr Joe Pereira, Vice Chairman
Fr Prakash Bhalerao, SJ
Fr Anton D'Souza, SDB
Fr Dilip Jadhav
Fr Allwyn Kalghatgi
Mr Anton Salve
Ms Philomena Bagul
6. A special collection to be taken on 9 August 2009 for Vianney Sunday.

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