Thursday, 19 August 2010

Meeting of leaders of Zone A

The leaders of Zone A met on 17 August 2010. Those present were: Mr Robin Susainathan; Mrs Mabel De Souza; Mrs Sujata Castelino; Mrs Letitia John; Mr Henry Menezes; and myself.

The first point on the agenda was the election of a new Zonal leader, since Mrs Blessy Lewis has said that she will not be able to continue this year. The group warmly placed on record their appreciation for the services rendered by Mrs Lewis during the past year. They went on to elect Mr Henry Menezes as Zonal leader. Since they were not able to find an area leader, Mr Menezes will continue to carry out that responsibility too.

The second point was an update on the prayer meetings. Since the statue of Our Lady is going around the houses, the prayer meetings will be suspended. Each area leader will draw up a list of houses that are willing to receive the statue; Mr Menezes will coordinate 4 areas, while Mrs Mabel De Souza will coordinate her own area as well as Eden Gardens.

The third point was a Zonal outing. The place proposed was Swami Shilananda's Sanjivan Ashram, Sinnar. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a free date till November 2010. The matter will be taken up once again at a future meeting.

I congratulated the Zone, and especially Mr and Mrs Claude Noronha, for the lovely item they put up (Wedding at Cana). I also congratulated Mr and Mrs Robin for the wonderful dance by their troupe.

The meeting ended with a prayer.

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