Monday, 16 August 2010

Feast of the Assumption and Independence Day

Yesterday turned out to be a busy day. The morning mass was anticipated to 0630; Fr Felix Fernandes presided. There followed the Don Bosco school flag hoisting ceremony, with Dr Vikas Ghogate as chief guest. Later Fr Nelson and team went to Satpur, where the feast day mass was at 1130, followed by a saha-bhojan for more than 400 people; the team returned only by 1600 hours. In the meantime, I was called on an emergency basis to bless the sakhar-puda ceremony of two young people, Sunil Gaikwad (Nashik Road) and Shweta Tupe (Pune) at the house of Mr and Mrs Bansode, Rohit and Amit's parents. By 1600 preparations were on for the Academy. The mass began at 1830 hours, the president being Fr Nelson, who preached the history of salvation from the Khristapurana, how Lucifer and his angels refused to do sastanga-namaskar to God, and how eventually God sent his Son, and Mary's sharing in Jesus' resurrection. Among other intentions, the mass was offered also by the Catholic employees of Mahindras.

The academy began at around 1945, with 14 items: band pieces by STI and DD; solo dances by Mary and Rinelda; group dances by the Satpur youth, Maria Vihar boarders, and Mrs Robins' troupe; skits by Nirmala Home and Zone A (a very French Jesus, played by Nicola, turning water into wine at the request of Mary, wonderfully done, thanks to Claude and Claudine Noronha); music by Bosco and Fr Nelson, and by Bosco's students Diana, Mellita and Isha; two wonderful choir pieces by the Capuchins and Divyadaan.

Thanks to Nikhil and Tina for doing the compering, and to all who participated.

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