Saturday, 14 August 2010

Interschool Football

The under-17 Don Bosco school football team had 3 or more matches yesterday. I went to watch a bit of the last match: they were playing Boys' Town. I was lucky to see two exciting goals, one by Boys Town, and the other by our own team. Unfortunately, our team lost (this was the semi-finals) - perhaps because they were too tired from 3 earlier matches, while Boys Town was quite fresh with only 1 earlier match. Congrats to our lads, anyway! They have been practising quite regularly, and we have some very good players, as Fr Diego told me.

One great difference is the size of the ground: our own ground is not quite full size, so when a team plays on a regular full size ground, they tend to be at a disadvantage. Some of this can be offset by rigorous stamina training, perhaps, according to the opinion of experts (mainly Velasli, Rickson and Ajay).

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