Sunday, 1 August 2010

Don Bosco youth visit Satpur youth

A small group of youth from the Don Bosco sector paid a visit to Satpur this morning: Suraj, Sushma, Sophia, Mellita, Rephan and Delvin, and Bro Rickson. It was a good idea, and one that seems to have worked out at short notice. Some of the youth had never been to Satpur, some had not seen the renovated Church, and some spent their earlier childhood at Satpur. They joined the mass at 0830 and then met the Satpur youth - about 8 of them.

The Satpur youth are some 40 or 50, but some are working, others probably have things to do on Sundays.

We had lectio divina, and then a round of introductions and sharing. Sandeep Ohol, President of the Satpur group, requested more sharing of information. We said that the next event was the Marian Academy on 15 August, and invited the Satpur youth to put up an item. They readily agreed. Later, on 22 August, a youth animation program was being planned at Holy Cross Church. We also mentioned the outing to Swami Shilananda's ashram at Sinnar (10 October), the Football and Throwball Tournament (7 November), the get together (29 December), the animation program at Igatpuri (January), etc.

We exchanged emails and telephone numbers. Suryakant offered to send messages also to the Satpur youth.

A very fruitful meeting, all in all. Everyone seemed quite happy with the event. Thanks especially to Suryakant for the mobilization.

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