Monday, 12 July 2010

Youth picnic to Igatpuri

Wonderful day at Igatpuri for the youth group. There were 12 of us, including Bro Rickson and me, which means 10 youth. Not many, but good enough. And good fun. Fr Ashley was kind enough to drop some of us at Mahamarg, and we hopped into a battered Kasara ST that was already on its way out. We were at Igatpuri phata by nine-ish, then the little walk through green paddy fields to Golden Resort, nestling in the crook of the hills along a sparkling stream. But we were in for a disappointment: the boss who happened to be in attendance said there was no more Rs 50 per head entrance to the pool; take the whole day package of Rs 300 or leave it, he said. We decided to leave it. After a little attempt to explore the stream, we decided to get to Igatpuri, park at the parish, celebrate mass, and then go to the falls.

We reached the parish more or less dry, after one of the proverbial showers of Igatpuri. Mass at around 1200 after hanging around a bit (we reached when the 1000 mass was going on). Hot samosas very kindly ordered by Fr Santiago, the young Dominican parish priest. Then to the waterfalls behind Satyagiri: full and overflowing thanks to the strong shower after mass. Ryan and Adrian from the Igatpuri youth group joined us and showed us how to get right above the main waterfall. Bit of a climb, but not difficult. The view was breathtaking, the water pure and clear. Great fun and great pictures. Far better than anything Golden Resort could have offered. The best things in life are still free, thank God! Fresh air, great rain, falling water, astounding greenery....

Lunch at 1600, and then the shuttle back to Nashik at 1810. (Only, platform 4 at Igatpuri is about the filthiest I have seen. Awful, really, the stench of rotting stuff. Strengthened my resolve never to throw anything out of the train window... but then, where to throw it?) Great ride back in the shuttle (which should be called rattle, but I really enjoyed the noise), with Cardinal's Hat moving all around the train in queer ways....

Thanks to Nikhil, the chief organizer, who really went out of his way, and very efficiently too; and to Sushma, and the whole gang that turned up.

Photo above: Rephan, Rickson, Nikhil, Delvin, Sharol, Carol, Sushma, Philbert, Mellita, Cecile, Suryakant.

More photos from other cameras expected soon on ... Facebook. (Mine is not waterproof....)

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