Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Informal Interparish Youth Meeting

We had an informal meeting of youth leaders and animators from the 5 city parishes (that includes Igatpuri), to plan common activities for the year. The following were suggested:

22 Aug: Animation Program. Suggested venue: Holy Cross. In charge: Holy Cross and St Ann's.
10 Oct: Outing to Swami Shilananda's Ashram, Sinner. In charge: Don Bosco.
7 Nov: Football and Throwball Tournament. Suggested venue: Divyadaan. In charge: St Patrick's.
29 Dec: Youth Get-Together. Suggested venue: Divyadaan. In charge: St Ann's.
9 Jan: Animation Program. Venue: Igatpuri. In charge: Igatpuri.
13 Mar: Lenten recollection. Venue: St Patrick's. In Charge: Don Bosco.

I informed Fr Anton D'Souza (Divyadaan) about the meeting a bit late: he is out of town at the moment. He is the Diocesan Youth Coordinator, and it would have been good to have him around, especially now that he is based here in Nashik.

The youth and animators were urged to be in constant communication with their Parish Priests and Priests in charge.

A letter will soon be sent out to Bishop Lourdes Daniel, Fr Anton D'Souza, Parish Priests and Priests in charge.

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