Sunday, 25 July 2010

Don Bosco in the Gujarat region

I have always been saying that we ought to communicate more with our parishioners. How many of our parishioners know about the works of the Salesian province of Mumbai, for example? or of the works of the FMA, and the UMI, and the FHIC?

Here is a small start: Salesians in the Gujarat region. I say Gujarat region, because the houses spill over into neighbouring Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

I have just put up a blog entry about Suket in South Rajasthan, so that is more or less seen to.

In the state of Gujarat we have: a parish, school, neighbourhood classes, and work for street boys at Baroda; boardings, schools, parishes and development works at Narukot, Chhota Udepur, Kawant, Tanakhla, Dakor; an aspirantate, parish, catechetical centre and development work at Kapadvanj. The people in all the places apart from Dakor are adivasis belonging to the Rathwa tribe, also known as Bhilalas.

In Madhya Pradesh we have a boarding, school, technical school, parish and development work at Alirajpur, and a hostel for school youth at Jhabua. The people here are adivasis belonging mostly to the Bhilala and Bhil tribes.

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