Sunday, 18 July 2010

Youth meeting, Sunday, 18 July 2010

6 people turned up for the Youth Group meeting: Kenneth Noronha, Nikhil John, Sushma Shrivastwa, Suryakant Shrivastwa, Delia Fernandes, and Tina Thomas. We had lectio divina on the gospel of the day: Martha and Mary. After the reading, we kept 5 minutes of silence, and then shared what happened during that time. Then time for questions on the text.

Accounts of the picnic were presented: it was decided to keep the balance for future activities.

A report of the Interparish Planning for Common Events meeting was given.

We discussed a bit about the mass animation and academy item. Bro Rickson will find a new hymn to learn. On Tuesday, at 1930, there will be a practice for the academy item.

Elections will be held when the group is somewhat more stable.

Suryakant was asked to drawn up two telephone 'chains'.

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