Monday, 25 January 2010

Salesian works around the province

I have an idea to put up information about some of the 'different' Salesian works around the province. Probably our parishioners do not know much about these - partly because we Salesians do not even bother to share information. But there is such a lot of exciting and interesting work going on, that I would like to share something about it. I hope it will be of interest to you.

You will ask me: what about the other religious congregations? - By all means! If someone is willing to send me information and photos, why not. I will begin with the Salesians, simply because I have ready access to information, and besides, I have a wonderful collection of what I think are marvellous photos!

But in the meantime: did you know that the palas is blooming in the Sahayadris? A bit early, but there it is! I was not able to get recent photos, but those of you who are interested can go to Divyadaan: the palas is blooming there for the first time since the trees were planted! But how do you identity the palas? Simple: palasachi paane teen! A tree with peculiar three leaved arrangements, and saffron flowers, mostly bunched at the top of the tree. Which is why this is sometimes called Flame of the Forest.

Which reminds me: many of our parishioners have not ever stepped into Divyadaan. Perhaps they could, and should...

And maybe we can make arrangements for them to be members of the Divyadaan library too...

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