Saturday, 30 January 2010

Don Bosco Academy 2010

The 'Academy' in honour of Don Bosco has just concluded. It was organized by Divyadaan, and there were six or seven items:

The Divyadaan Band
A 'puppet' show by STI
A skit by SHTC
A dance by Irwin
Isha's musical debut
A musical trio by Fr Nelson, Bosco Monsorate and Suryakant
A longish skit by Divyadaan.

Most of the audience consisted of religious. Parishioners were not very many, and the theme of the 150 years of the founding of the Salesians did not seem to feature much. The youth, who had promised to contribute an item, were quite conspicuous by their absence. Someone suggested that the parishioners were few because (1) it was a Saturday, (2) the mass had been anticipated without much announcements. Announcements need to be done at least 3 weeks in advance. Next time!

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