Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Animation for Don Bosco's Feast

Yesterday a small group of youth met to plan for the animation of the Don Bosco Feast Mass: Ross, Suraj, and Nikhil; Jackson dropped in for a brief moment. Sera was kind enough to join in.

The theme of the mass will be "I will give you a shepherd." This is from the first reading from Ezekiel, and also goes with the gospel. The second reading rings the note of joy which is characteristic of Don Bosco's educative system and spirituality. The hymns have been chosen accordingly, with the themes of shepherd, youth, and joy.

Entrance: 23
Kyrie: 470: Mass of Don Bosco
Gloria: 470
Responsorial: to be chosen.
Alleluia: the verse to be recited, the Alleluia sung.
Offertory: 139
Sanctus: 470
Agnus: 470
Communion: 151 or 178
P.Communion: 374: Jesus, I Believe What you say to me
Recessional: 357: Long Ago in 1815

I request all the youth to be present for the practices which will take place immediately after the evening novena masses, from this evening onwards. It would be great if they could make it also for the mass itself.

I have requested Divyadaan to give us 10 brothers to back up our singing, and also our numbers... Frs Savio and Val have very kindly agreed.

First Reading: Suraj
Second Reading: Rochelle
Prayer of the faithful: Nikhil (who will also prepare it).

The main celebrant is Fr Elson Barretto, Provincial Economer.

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  1. Happy Feast Fr Ivo & to all the Don Bosco community. We surely will miss being there..


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