Friday, 15 January 2010

New Priests' Day

Frs Briston Britto and Royal D'Abreo celebrated the Eucharist in the Parish yesterday at 1900 hours. The church seemed full enough; though the bulk of the congregation was made up of SDBs and FMAs, there was a fair sprinkling of other parishioners.

Before the Eucharist, at 1815, the two newly ordained priests gave a sort of 'press conference' to those who turned up, once again mostly young SDBs. They refused to commit themselves on the question, which vows is the most difficult, but were very clear that prayer is important, and also having someone to talk to - a Rector, a Spiritual Director, a guide.

Fr Briston spent two years in the Don Bosco community, while both he and Fr Royal passed through STI and Divyadaan.

This morning the two young priests, together with Fr Brian Moras who is accompanying them, will be meeting the Catholic students of Don Bosco school.

We look forward to all young people in our parish raising the question, What does God want me to do? And, like the young Samuel, we hope they will all have the courage to say: Speak Lord, your servant is listening.

But the question of vocation is a challenge to everyone, especially to parents.

'Vocation' means God's call, and God can call to a wide variety of vocations in the Church. Some will be zonal leaders, others area leaders, still others will be involved in the parish and in society in different ways. Some will have the special call to be religious or priests.

The question is: are our families letting God into their lives in their every decision?

Especially if we value the gift of the priesthood, dear parishioners, we need to allow God to challenge us and our convictions. Are we, as parents, ready to let go of our children for God's specific service if that is their call? Are we encouraging them in the life of faith and the values of the gospel?

It strikes me very much that Jesus was an only child. And Mary and Joseph let him go. He had to be about his Father's business.

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