Monday, 7 December 2009

Salesian cooperators meet the Provincial

The Provincial, Fr Michael, met a small group of Salesian Cooperators and aspiring Cooperators at 1630 hours yesterday, 6 December 2009. Among the professed Cooperators present was Mrs Lucy D'Souza; her husband Dominic works on Sundays and was unable to come. Mr and Mrs Robin Susainathan had excused themselves. Among the aspiring Cooperators were Mrs Lily Nirmal, Mrs Letitia John, and Mr Shyju Babykutty.

The Association is not new to Nashik: there used to be a fairly consistent group some years ago. Lucy said that the group disbanded when one of the Salesian animators discouraged the seniors, with the intention of encouraging youngsters to join.

Fr Michael has been inviting each Salesian house revive or begin a unit of the Cooperators.

Don Bosco wanted to have full-fledged Salesians 'living in the world'. He called them 'extern Salesians.' When this was not allowed at that time by the Church authorities, he founded the Association of Salesian Cooperators.

The Cooperators take a promise, in contrast to the SDBs and FMAs who take public vows, and the VDBs (Volunteers of Don Bosco) who take private vows.

We pray that this small group that met with the provincial on the second day of the triduum of the Immaculate might flourish and be blessed with enthusiasm and growth.

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