Wednesday, 30 December 2009


We have the annual Christmas Youth Get-together this evening, at Divyadaan, beginning at 1800 hrs and going up to 2100 hrs. The event is organized this time by St Ann's Parish Youth, and the entry fee is Rs 50 per head.

Today is also the wedding anniversary of Mabel and Norbert de Souza. I hope I don't get brickbats for mentioning this - only, this anniversary is something personal for me, because Mabel and Norbert got married in Mae de Deus Church, Saligao, Goa, exactly 3 days after my ordination way back in 1987... And Neville Luis and I were there, concelebrating (barely, because the main celebrant wouldn't hear about it) at the mass... So happy anniversary, Mabel and Norbert!

Some of you might not know that Denzil Pinto (Satpur) is getting married in Thane, on 16 January 2010. Denzil used to be a very active member of the Satpur youth group.

Of course, Beverly Homan is getting married right here in Nashik on 9 January 2010.

The Parish Christmas Get together is, I think, on 2 January, at L'Ecole Silver Oak, Chandsi. Entry fees are Rs 100 per head for adults, and Rs 50 per head for children under 12.

The Catechism Children's Christmas Tree instead is on Sunday, 3 January, from 1500 to 1800 hrs. Please note that there is no entry fee for this!

The Satpur sector Christmas tree was held last Sunday; it was well-attended, also by the kids from the various Oratories in and around Satpur.

And if I have missed out anything, this is an interactive thing, so do feel free to send in the missing info, or to just add in a comment!

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  1. Happy anniversary Mabel & Norbert. May you continue to be blessed by our Lord for many more years of happiness.
    Also we take this opportunity to wish you Fr Ivo on the ocassion of your Ordination anniversary.May our Lord Jesus continue to bless you.


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