Monday, 7 December 2009

Provincial meets parish council

The provincial met the Parish Council of the DB sector yesterday at 1700 hours. The chief topic for discussion was the request made by some parishioners for allocation of a plot of land for a self-standing parish church. There was a very straight and frank discussion. The upshot was that letters to the provincial should be sent through the parish council meeting under the presidency of the parish priest. The opinion of the house council also would be sought. The provincial had, nevertheless, replied to the private letter sent to him; he was still awaiting a firm and official reply.

In his letter, the provincial had asked some questions, chiefly about who would finance the building of the proposed church.

In his dialogue, the provincial also said that he would first like to see the parish community built up, and church collections and church support increase. The parish councillors - and other parishioners who had joined the meeting - pointed out that this was already taking place.

The provincial concluded by thanking those present for their frankness.

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  1. Thank you Fr Ivo for all the news on your blog.
    I've just gone thru it all & feel so happy at knowing so much & getting all the happenings in the DB parish.
    Thank you for all the trouble & time spent on the parish blog.


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