Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bosco Carvalho's Marian Song

Marian Song composed by Bro. Bosco Carvalho, SDB, and performed by the Divyadaan Choir on 8 December 2009 during the Marian Academy:
Life is a blessing
Celebrate it dear
Pain is passing
Have no fear
Cos you are given a mother
Who holds you by the hand
Remember you are not alone.

Look at her she smiles at you
She'll drown you deep down in her love
Her warm bright gaze reflects Jesus when she says
Child you are my delight.

Hope lights candles
Take it dear
Curse not the darkness
Bring that hope near
Coz you are given a true hope
Who leads you to the Lord
Remember Mary's there with you.


Bridge: The sky seems brighter
Faces happier
When I see Mary smile at me
I know she's my delight and I'm hers.

(repeat chorus 2x)

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