Monday, 8 March 2010

"Sir, we want to see Jesus": Lenten Interparish Recollection for Youth at Divyadaan

The Interparish Youth Recollection began at 1500 hours, Sunday, 28 February 2010 at Divyadaan, with the theme "Sir, I want to see Jesus". About 27 youth attended, including 5 from Don Bosco Nashik. The first event was a talk by Fr Valerian Pereira from Divyadaan. After a small break, there was another talk by Fr Suresh Sathe, assistant Parish Priest of St Ann's Nashik Road. This was followed by a tea break, and then the whole group went over to the beautiful new chapel at Divyadaan for a reconciliation service. Several priests from Divyadaan made themselves available for confessions, and our impression is that most of the youth took advantage of the opportunity to make their Lenten confessions.

At around 1830 we celebrated the Eucharist. The gospel of the Second Sunday of Lent, Year C, was the Transfiguration. Jesus sometimes reveals himself to us in his transfigured state, and then we have powerful experiences of the Lord. But often, like the disciples after the transfiguration, we look up and see "only Jesus." But the point is that he is there - in his ordinary form, in the ordinary events of everyday life, but he is there. And the Father says: This is my Beloved Son; listen to him. The youth were invited to listen to Jesus and to look at Jesus. In 2 Corinthians St Paul invites his early Christians to look upon the Lord with unveiled faces, and he assures us that, looking upon the Lord, we will be transfigured slowly into his likeness....

So, young people: find some time this Lent, spend some time before the Lord, just look at him, and you will surely find yourselves transformed, transfigured, gradually, into his likeness.

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