Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Outings and picnics

The picnic season is here, though it is still Lent. Perhaps after Lent, and after the exams.

How about some Zonal outings? There is Swami Shilananda's ashram at Sinnar, which most have not seen. Swami Shilananda is a Spanish Jesuit priest who has spent most of his working life in and around Nashik, first on the banks of the Godavari at Panchavati, and then at Sinnar where he has built up, with his bare hands, a little ashram, including a little temple-church.... Delightful place. Swamiji is now over 80, and a legend. Worth meeting. Something that our youngsters can talk about later in life. And Sinnar is just 20 kms out of Nashik Road.

What about the new work for street children and tribal people at Mote Vengaon, Karjat? Another Swami there, this time Salesian: Swami Devadas. Also Frs Barnabe D'Souza and Damien Sladen, some 20 youngsters learning English, meditation, life skills and a trade, besides becoming eco-sensitive and agro-smart. Wonderfully innovative. Good impact, educationally speaking, on the Katkari tribal people too. Just 3 kms from Karjat. Accomodation available either at the centre, or, somewhat more expensive, at a variety of resorts around, including Pinewoods run by a Catholic couple from our parish in Wadala West.

Much closer, 25 kms from our parish, is the school and boarding for tribal girls run by the Assumption Sisters at Tilloli. Some 500 girls, a spanking brand new building for the school, lovely setting. A lovely evening outing for a group of families.

Any takers?

The youth are also planning an outing. Ideas?

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