Sunday, 16 August 2009

Youth meeting, Sunday, 16 August 2009

The informal Sunday youth meeting has just concluded. About 11 young people turned up - Delia, Annette, Tina, Allen, Quincy, Ansilon, Craig, Philbert, Yannick, Jackson, Rochelle... I might have missed out someone.

We evaluated the Marian Academy. The compere (Annette), the stage manager (Sushma), and the backstage crew (largely Philbert and Jackson) were appreciated for the way they did their work. All the youth who helped out with the stage work, getting items, coming for practices, etc. were thanked. Bro. Johnson was thanked specially for the backdrop and for his patience. Delia was thanked for her patience, for all those hours of waiting for practices and the guys not turning up. The youth item went very well, thanks to Brandyn's music, Dean's drumming, and everyone's singing. Unfortunately there was only half a crowd by the time the youth item came up (which was last).

The main gripe was about involving non-parish children in items: their parents choose to walk out as soon as their item is over. This time, since their item was towards the end, the compere and stage manager were continually harrassed with requests for anticipation.... So that's a good lesson. And there are plenty of items anyway. The enthusiasm of the parish was appreciated. The Divyadaan item was liked very much, except that it took the better part of half an hour, and no one wants to sit two and a half hours for a program...

Information was given about the Youth Program, Media and Youth, being organized by the Holy Cross Youth on Sunday, 23 August, at Divyadaan, from 0930 to 1600 hours. Several of those present said they would attend. Since there is mass included in the program, it will be convenient.

The Vocation Sharing Day on 22 August: several youth will find it difficult to attend, because of tuitions, work, etc (Rochelle is already working, for example). Hopefully there will be at least 15 people. Each one volunteered to call and invite and remind 2 or 3 others.

The input session on how to conduct a Youth Group by Fr Blany and Fr Edwin: the youth said it was difficult for them to make it on a weekday evening, so that might have to be called off.

The idea of having an inter-parish Table Tennis Tournament, and then a similar Football and Throwball Tournament, was floated.

Some planning and distribution of work was done for the Sunday evening mass, 30 August, which the youth have to animate. Tina and Chelston will do the readings. Philbert and Craig will look after the offertory procession (bread and wine; and if the youth wish to, some offerings for the poor; no commentary). Yannick will write a small introduction with Bro Johnson's help. Jackson will contact Brandyn for the accompaniment, and Sushma will choose the hymns. There will be a singing practice perhaps after the coming Sunday's youth program, at around 1600 hours, but certainly on Sunday, 30 August, in the morning, during the Youth Meeting.

As Delia is leaving Nashik for Bangalore on Saturday, 22 August, she was asked to say the concluding prayer, while all of us prayed for her. All the best, Delia!

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