Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sick parishioners

I went to visit Jonathan yesterday and found him much better. His face has healed very well, he walks about the house, and even came for mass last Sunday. He seemed cheerful and bright, and has begun looking at his books again.

Sr Flora seems okay. She was quite shaken up after the accident, but does not remember anything.

Sr Christina is in high spirits, her normal self. It is good to see her recovery. Sr Renata's hand is in a sling: the collar bone will take time to heal.

Fr Solomon Rapol, Novice Master, STI, has not been keeping well this last week, and went to Mumbai to see his doctor. Several of the novices were also down with flu, as were also many brothers from Divyadaan.

No particular news of Sr Dominica: I suppose she is on the way to recovery.


  1. why only the few of sick people are mentioned here in blog.I request parish priest should know everyone personally.There are about 200-300 families in parish

  2. Please feel free to bring to our notice anyone who is sick. They will certainly find a place and a prayer...


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