Monday, 5 September 2011

Confessions for the Sunday School children

Confessions are an integral part of the Christian faith. It is here that God comes to us and forgives us of all our tresspasses. He initiates us to the part of living in the image and likeness of Him who is all good. He calls us back to Holiness from our falleness.

Small children are the apple of God's eye. They are the focal point of his love. He cares for them and understands their heart's desire. Yet small as they are, these children can stray away from Gos presence in their own tiny ways. As part of the initiating these children to come closer to God's love, a General confession was organised at the Salesian Novitate (Nashik) for the Sunday School Children of the Don Bosco Parish, Nashik. The confessions began at 5 pm which culminated at 6 in the evening with action songs taught by brothers Ashley ofm cap and Nv. Derek. Fr. Solomon Rapol sdb, the Novice Master and Fr. Valerian Pereira sdb were the confessors for the day.

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