Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday Catechism SMS's

Bro Velasli has just completed the list of Catechism children of Zone A, and has been busy sending SMS reminders to the parents regarding the Sunday Catechism class. He will soon do the same for Zones B and C. So you parents might be getting regular such SMS's (from my number, really, since Velasli does not have a cell phone), reminding you to send your children...

If anyone has problems of reaching the children to the parish, please let us know. This is a problem we have to tackle. I am sure ways can be worked out to remedy the situation.

There are other who have problems with tuition classes. Parents, try dialoguing with the tuition teachers, see if some adjustment is possible. The Sunday Catechism is important, since most Catholic schools in Nashik do not have Religious Instruction during school hours. And of course the Sunday Mass: we really cannot afford to have our children missing Sunday mass the whole year - and I think this is happening!

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