Tuesday, 24 November 2009

SCC prayer meetings

All three SCC zones had prayer meetings yesterday. The D'Souza colony area of Zone A met at the Shrivastava's, the College Road area of Zone B at the Koshy's, and I am not sure where Zone C met (they meet all together rather than in areas).

The following is the December program for Zone A:

Tuesday, 1 Dec:
2000 hours, St Jude Community, at Eden Gardens (Russell Isaac's place)
Thursday, 10 Dec:
1900 hours: at Hugh Mascarenhas' place
1930 hours: D'Souza colony area, at Eddy and Blessy Lewis' place
Friday, 11 Dec:
1900 hours: Akaswani area, at Sunil Nirmal's place
1930 hours: Chittaranjan area, at Bosco and Verna Quadros' place.

Please bring along your bibles - one each, if possible. (Children, ask for bibles as Christmas presents! And insist on either the RSV or the Jerusalem Bible. Fr Nelson has a few RSV bibles for sale.)

And no snacks please!


  1. Fr.Ivo, I feel it's a good idea of yours to further the discussions of the BCC meetings to discussions on the net.

    Another addition can be certain Bible reading aids which we use personally , and can introduce to other BCC members .

    We can discuss these at the next BCC meeting of Dec. 10th.

  2. one more suggestion....

    The people attending the BCC meeting come along with their difficulties , problems , anxieties , joys , etc.

    Am important part of the meeting could be to encourage them to derive some comfort from sharing what they wish to ,with the group .
    The Group moderator could do this .

    I feel that this would go a long way in binding the Group together -- which is basic to a Basic Christian Community .

  3. Fr. Ivo,
    At the SCC meeting of 10th Dec., I propose to let the members know how I access your website , and get the parish news .

    I have printed copies of the step-by-step procedure .

    I shall circulate them to all .


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