Monday, 21 September 2009

Mission Fete

There was a meeting this evening to plan the Fun Fair for Mission Sunday. I think the date being proposed is 18 October 2009 - at least it was, till I left the meeting for the evening mass. Claude Noronha is over all in charge, and plenty of people have volunteered, including the new president and treasurer of the youth group, a very enthusiastic Jackson and Aaron...

Anyone wishing to participate or collaborate please contact Claude: food stalls, games, the auction / garage sale, whatever.

Plans to rope in students from our schools - Don Bosco, Kilbil, Nirmala, Silver Oak, L'Ecole.... Targetting at least 1000 people. The Nashik parishes of course.

The Diwali festivities might cut into this target though. Diwali is 17 October.

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  1. Looks like this fete is going to be the best in all we've had :)


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